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Leah Gilmore, Esthetician

Working with Molly has helped to make it easier for me to plan my meals around my busy traveling and work schedule. Plus, following her blog and instagram keeps me accountable and inspired to stay prepared and organized!

Leah Gilmore
Business Owner, Esthetician
Natalia Gil, Designer

The effects of eating under Molly’s guidance were noticeable very quickly. The difference made in my body is great yet I never felt drastically deprived of the things I like to eat! Working with Molly has been a gift to my body and soul. I don’t eat perfectly all the time, but I eat better now than I ever have, thanks to her.

Natalia Gil
Graphic Designer

 Molly was a tremendous help to our members by providing weight loss tips, take-home handouts, and answering questions about everything from weight loss to what to eat for breakfast. She was engaging and easily connected with our members.